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What order are customers dropped off in?

Not always, customers are dropped off in order beginning with the nearest, and ending with the furthest from the airport. This is to provide the most direct ride home for all customers.

How long is the normal wait to be picked up?

From The Airport-ARIZONA SOUTHWEST SHUTTLE would love to have a shuttle waiting for you as soon as you arrived at the curb, however due to current security restrictions the airport does not allow shuttles parked at the curb. As soon as you arrive at the curb, let the Arizona Southwest Shuttle attendant know that you are ready to be picked up and they will get a shuttle coming as soon as possible. Especially at LAX the time it takes for the shuttle to arrive at your terminal can vary depending on traffic.

From Your Home, Hotel, or Office-Arizona Southwest Shuttle has an "On Time Guarantee" which includes a 15 minute grace period that allows for unexpected traffic and safety. Arizona Southwest Shuttle would like you to be ready for a pick up 15 minutes prior to your reservation. This 30 minute window is necessary to accommodate the delays which may arise from picking up passengers from multiple locations.

Why do Arizona Southwest Shuttles do circles around the airport before taking passengers home?

Arizona Southwest Shuttle is primarily a shared ride service, this means that the goal is to have multiple passengers aboard. One of the ways this is made possible, is by the driver making 2 loops (but no more) around the airport in order to pick up passengers heading in the same direction you are.

How much advance notice is needed to make a reservation?

All reservations must be made at least six hours prior to the pick up time. However, you can book a reservation for any time in the future. As soon as you know when you are traveling you can book a reservation with Arizona Southwest Shuttle.

Does Arizona Southwest Shuttle Provide Child Safety Seats?

Arizona Southwest Shuttle does not provide child safety seats and although the Highway Patrol does not require you to have one, since a shuttle van is classified as a bus, we strongly encourage you to. It only makes sense to put your child in a seat that fits, and the best fitting seat would be your personal seat, which you are free to bring along on your trip. For more details check out our traveling with children page.

Is there a limit to the amount of luggage I can have?

Yes, Arizona Southwest Shuttle allows two pieces of checked baggage and two personal-type pieces for each passenger. Checked baggage includes most commercially available luggage and moderate sized boxes. For more details please read our baggage policies.

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